PTR Hartmann
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PTR HARTMANN GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of PCB terminal blocks/PCB multi-connectors, contact pins and test probes, switches and inductive components, regards itself as one of many links in the value chain of a whole range of diverse industries.

Our products and solutions support the globally rising level of automation found in numerous industries. With rational-cost standard and innovative special solutions in connectivity technology, fast and automated electrical-contact solutions, the most diverse range of high-quality long-lasting test equipment for test and inspection systems, a broad selection of switches for simple addressing functions and for parameter adjustment and inductive electronic components, PTR HARTMANN GmbH is at all times a dependable and highly competent partner for its customers.

Thanks to our global presence, direct local support is available for our customers, who also benefit in the implementation of their projects from the experience of highly knowledgeable marketing specialists.