PTR Hartmann

production and process automation | industrial electronics | power electronics

Automation technology is nowadays an interdisciplinary science and is used in aerospace, (special) mechanical engineering, in process and electrical engineering, and in numerous other industrial sectors. The optimised contact-making solutions supplied by PTR HARTMANN GmbH can be used everywhere to assure efficient production processes, plant automation, monitoring of machine control systems and the interlinking of machines. We provide tried-and-proven low-cost standard solutions for electronic connections, as well as individual electronic contact-making solutions to meet customers' requirements precisely.

Our rotary code, thumb-wheel and DIP switches are suitable for use, inter alia, for addressing of industrial control systems and industrial control/operating elements. Here, they function as essential components in complete automation solutions.

The customised inductances developed and produced by PTR HARTMANN are notable, inter alia, for their compact design and simple installation, and boost the reliability, the failure-free operation and the efficiency of industrial electronics in the context of Industry 4.0.

Interfaces featuring our spring-loaded pogo pins (spring-loaded connectors) are suitable for use in vibration-proof power transmission systems. Used in robot interfaces, for example, they can act as power supplies, and as transformers of data flows. Further benefits of our interface pin blocks include their extremely long mechanical service-life, permitting several hundred thousand switching / contact cycles.
Our inspection-technology test probes can be used for functional and in-circuit testing and for the effective testing of assemblies, modules and individual components.


  • Enclosure technology
  • Motor-starting control systems
  • Safety-relevant components of machine control and automation systems
  • Overload relays
  • Power switchgear
  • Electronic circuit-breakers
  • Overcurrent protection systems
  • EMERGENCY OFF actuation units