PTR Hartmann

Connectivity solutions for building automation and building management

Functioning buildings are nowadays defined not only by civil-engineering capabilities, but also, and primarily, by networked solutions in building automation. Smart-home applications, building air-conditioning, controlled-access and supervisory systems, energy management and ultra-modern KNX systems (product example STL190) are only a few examples of the convenience, efficiency and sustainability now playing a role in building automation.

Connection technology solutions provided by PTR HARTMANN GmbH assure precisely fitting contact-making solutions for monitoring, control, instrumentation and optimisation systems in both commercial and privately used facilities and enhance their user-friendliness.

Our range of rotary code, tact and DIP switches are used, for example, for bus addressing of switching and control functions (door openers, dimmer functions, etc.), while inductive components like our switched-mode power supply transformers are needed for low-loss conversion of mains voltages. These electrical and electronic components are thus indispensable in a smart building management system.


  • Building air-conditioning
  • Smart home (control of heating, lighting, shutters, etc.)
  • Door and gate control systems
  • Controlled-access systems
  • Intercom systems
Building Automation | Building Management
Building Automation | Building Management