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E - Mobility

Battery Management | Charging Technology

Compact design, resistance to vibration and carrying high currents reliably and without difficulty and without difficulty are further preconditions for PCB terminal blocks and PCB multi-connectors for e-mobility. These properties enable them, for example, to be used in the power electronics of e-cars, e-bikes, e-scooter and charging stations.

In high-performance charging stations, the AK4210 can be used for applications up to 41 A and 450 V with a 6.0 mm² cross-section wire. The AK4210-H can be used for wire entry parallel to PCB and the AK4210-V for wire entry vertical to PCB. A marbled PE terminal is also available for the protective earth connection.

For applications up to 24 A and 250 V AK4200 are available in many different colors, including marbled PE terminals. The AK4200-H can be used for wire entry parallel to PCB and the AK4200-V for wire entry vertical to PCB. Additional we offer our customers the service of assembling these terminal strips in the desired colors to create customized strips.

High-performance charging stations are defined by effective charging with minimal charging time. The PCB terminal block AKZ841 is usable for this charging technology. This PCB terminal block can transmit 32 A at 1.000 V rated voltage.

Motor-vehicle industry | Rail systems | Automotive

Changes such as digitalisation and electromobility demand from the automotive industry and its applications ever more effective contact-making solutions. Quickly detachable but reliable electrical contacts under diverse ambient conditions, plug-in connections for wiring harnesses, etc., are just a few examples of the requirements for contact pins and electrical connection systems.

Solutions for rail-safety technologies, such as automatic control and monitoring of level crossings, for example, the electrification of point systems and digital remote access to signalling centres are needed in the field of rail-system automation. Here, the contact-making solutions must meet the requirements encountered under extreme ambient conditions (vibration resistance / high currents / fouling), among other things.

In all these fields, new challenges to test equipment for the inspection of electrical and electronic connections must be mastered and PTR HARTMANN GmbH's test probes provide, with their many diverse grid pitches and applications, not only high quality and service-life but also a rich and varied spectrum of types.

E - Mobility
E - Mobility