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The information and telecommunications (IT) industry is one of the key players in the expansion of the digital society at national and global level. Network solutions and data-transmission technologies are stimulants for the rapidly progressing interchange of information in the industrial environment (Industry 4.0). Here, PTR HARTMANN GmbH supplies a broad range of products for smart but simultaneously simple and low-cost electrical contact solutions.

Other important sectors of innovation in the digitalisation of society include efficient and productive infrastructures for municipalities and for whole towns and cities. Secure and stable networks for smart traffic control and street lighting are one of the many potentials for the use of PTR HARTMANN products.


  • Telephone systems
  • NTBA / DSL
  • Internet routers
  • Switching
  • WiFi / WLAN
  • Network security / Network management
  • Data transfer
  • In-house communications systems
IT Branch
IT Branch
IT Branch
IT Branch