PTR Hartmann

electrical and electronic Security Technology

The most modern technologies for electrical and electronic safety systems include surveillance systems in smart factories and machinery (Industry 4.0) as well as modern building-control and monitoring systems, vibration and opening detectors for secure doors and windows in buildings, escape-route lighting and fire-alarm systems. Here, innovative connection technologies of the most diverse systems and types, such as time-saving push-in technology or, for connections needing frequent disconnection, the "lift type", are needed. PCB multi-connectors are in widespread use in sensors for, for example, movement alarms in surveillance technology. The use of multi-connectors in such safety-relevant applications reduces the amount of wiring needed and assures significant time-saving potentials.

PTR HARTMANN GmbH supplies connection solutions and switches for all these requirements. Rotary code switches are used, inter alia, for addressing of switching and control functions in the context, for example, of direct actuation of door-opening systems and lighting applications.

Our test probes can be used for function testing of individual components or even of complete modules and assemblies. Transformers and chokes are needed in all sectors of switching technology.


  • Monitoring technology – Buildings | Machines
  • Emergency lighting | lighting systems
  • Controlled-access systems
  • Movement alarms
  • Fire-alarm systems
Safety Technology
Safety Technology