PTR Hartmann

Energy transmission / distribution | Grid monitoring | Energy automation

The "energy turnaround" and sustainability are subjects which play an increasingly important role in power generation, power storage and power consumption. "Smart grids", capable of dynamic control and of communicating with each other in the most diverse forms, are the basic elements for the reliable and efficient power supplies of the future. The changeover to renewable types of energy can succeed only with reliable monitoring, control, instrumentation and optimisation equipment for these grids.

Here, PTR HARTMANN GmbH's range of products provides numerous potentials. Tried-and-proven connecting technologies and electrical contact solutions for the high-current sector are just as in demand as rational-cost standard solutions for control cabinets for installation in test and inspection systems and facilities.

Our inductive components are used for storage of energy in the power inverters of photovoltaics facilities and systems.


  • Power-monitoring equipment – Monitoring of grid states
  • Overcurrent protection systems
  • Grid technology
Renewable Energy