PTR Hartmann
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Development and design
We manufacture electrical components, test technology equipment and customer-specific inductors. Our in-house development and manufacturing competencies include Rotary Code Switches, Micro Switches, PCB Terminal Blocks, Test Probes and Inductors. The development departments in the three production sites specialise in the development and design of the products which are specific to their facilities. However, the product, manufacturing and tool engineering sectors always work closely together.
Thanks to our excellent product expertise, we are able to develop promptly not only standard but also customer-specific products adapted to the customers’ specific needs.

Tool and mould making
An additional contribution to the high quality of PTR HARTMANN products is supplied by our own toolmaking department. This is designed to provide both the manufacture of new tools and the continual overhaul and repair of our injection-moulding tools. Consequently we are also able to react flexibly to customer requests and to provide customer-specific solutions.

Precision injection-moulding
In Baiersdorf we are in a position to process technical plastics such as PA66, POM, PPO, PBT, PPT, ABS and PC and also high-temperature materials such as LCP, PPS and sPS. In particular the media-impermeable injection-moulding of metal parts and lead frames using fully-automated machines and in-line camera monitoring is one of our specialist competencies.  
Thanks to our modern interlinked CAQ quality control system in the moulding department, where during every shift an employee constantly carries out spot checks on the injected plastic parts, we monitor the high quality and precision of our injection-moulded parts.

In our turning shop in Werne we manufacture unmodified components such as plungers, barrels and insulators for our test probes. This makes it possible for us to provide the fast, flexible in-house manufacture of prototypes and small series as well as the introduction of new technologies.

Reliability laboratory and quality assurance
In the reliability laboratories in Werne and Baiersdorf we have all the facilities needed for the continual quality monitoring of our products and for VDE and UL tests. We carry out durability tests and climate tests, etc.

Inductors production
The on-site winding units and test equipment allow us at the Grävenwiesbach facility, with the cooperation of our design and development departments, to build and test prototypes of our customer-specific inductors both quickly and flexibly.

Needs-based production sites
Our production site in Tunisia has its own component warehouse, which is supplied on a weekly basis. The combination of its proximity to Europe and flexible production makes it suitable for small series and special solutions. PTR HARTMANN’s site in China primarily reinforces our presence on the Asian market, and with these production facilities in China we can immediately respond to the requirements of our customers there and then implement them on-site.

OEM Asia
Thanks to our worldwide presence as part of the Phoenix Mecano AG group, we are also able to deliver components from Asian suppliers at short notice. These components are subject to PTR HARTMANN’s quality requirements and are tested by our quality assurance department.