PTR Hartmann
  • Mission Statement

Mission Statement

One declared goal of our company strategy is to increase market shares coupled with positive financial growth in the company – and we can only achieve both of these when our customers are satisfied.

However, in doing all this, we never ignore the well-being of our staff. Additionally, the protection and conservation of our environment are very important factors which we are constantly working on and improving. These aims and goals contain implicitly measurable and demonstrable values which are critically examined and verified as part of our annual financial statements, and are a measure of what has been achieved in each case.

When it comes to implementing these goals, it is especially important for us to continue to expand our commitment to quality and to integrate it within a quality management system. With this in mind, both the corporate group and the firm’s management decided to introduce a QM system acc. to EN IS0 9001. Furthermore, in future this will allow us to fulfill the high profile of both the market’s and our customers’ requirements.

The management of the company is creating the conditions which ensure that everything possible is done to satisfy the customers’ demands and expectations. The quality and environmental policies and the resulting goals are designed to achieve this major objective. All this ensures that the necessary resources are made available, and that the defined requirements are understood and completely met.