PTR Hartmann

Anti-manipulation switch

A pushbutton switch used as an opener

The housings used for smart meters and other “official” measuring devices must or are intended to be protected against being opened, manipulated, or misused in any other way. Both the manufacturer and the user want to prevent unauthorised persons from opening the device, or alternatively they want to be informed when this happens.

This is why PTR HARTMANN has introduced the PBH00S pushbutton switch. Thanks to its function as an opener and its long operating travel, it can be used as an anti-manipulation feature.

When the cover of the PBH00S is closed, the contact is open and there is no signal. When the housing is opened, i.e. by manipulation, the contact closes and an appropriate signal can be tripped.

Gold-plated contacts ensure the long-term function of this feature, even when it has not been tripped for a considerable period of time. The long operating travel of up to 4.7 mm allows actuation with a spike on the cover.

PTR HARTMANN Pushbutton Switch PBH00S