PTR Hartmann

ESD protection for Rotary Code Switches


ESD resistance is an important issue in electronics production, industrial electronics, computer technology, telecommunications technology and automotive electronics.

ESD protection is a major problem for rotary code switches with a metal cover. This is because when the rotary code switch is operated, any rapid discharges jump from the screwdriver to the rotary code switch and from there directly to sensitive components on the PCB.

In the past, special actuators - so-called Mexican hats - were available for PTR HARTMANN P36 rotary code switches. These hats increased the air and creepage distances from the actuator to the PCB, prevent rapid discharge and guaranteed ESD protection of sensitive components.

A version of the P36THR with an ESD pin is now available. The electrostatic discharge voltage can be discharged directly to the PCB via this additional connector pin, which ensures that it can flow away via suitable protective measures, e.g. a large electrical resistor.

The P36THR is reflow-capable with THR pins; the ESD pin is also designed as a THR pin.