PTR Hartmann

Reliable contacting for the transmission of high currents

New high-current test probe 1075/GV

The safe contacting of tab connectors with high currents is a special challenge in test engineering. Flat blade connectors are increasingly used in end-of-line testing, especially in the field of eMobility and, for example, in automotive infotainment. The contact surfaces on the front are usually too small to transmit high currents reliably. At the same time, the test must not leave any traces on the contact surfaces.

PTR HARTMANN complements its existing portfolio of high-current spring contacts with the 1075/GV high-current contact. This pin has been specially developed for scratch-free contacting of tab connectors and masters the special challenges effortlessly. The non-rotating design of the contact pin allows ideal and permanently secure alignment with the Device under test. When the contact head is guided over the flat tab, the movable part of the head presses the flat pin against the immovable part. In this way, a large-area contact is ensured without impairing the contact surfaces of the DUT.