PTR Hartmann

Merger of Hartmann Codier GmbH and PTR HARTMANN GmbH | New internet presence

In recent years, the Phoenix Mecano companies of Hartmann Codier GmbH and PTR HARTMANN GmbH have increasingly intensified their cooperation in the production, logistics and marketing sectors.
The next step was for both companies to merge, an event which took place on April 1, 2020, when Hartmann Codier GmbH became part of PTR HARTMANN GmbH.
After PTR HARTMANN GmbH took over the HARTU brand and its customer-specific inductors, such as PFC chokes, switched-mode power supplies, transformers or common mode chokes, on January 1, 2018, HARTMANN products can enlarge the portfolio. In addition to rotary code switches, they add DIP switches, tact switches, slide switches, micro switches and LED elements. These are a logical addition to PTR HARTMANN GmbH‘s product range. The resulting synergies in marketing and logistics allow the customers’ requirements to be met even better in future. The website was also renewed as part of the merger, and the result is a joint appearance for all product lines with many features such as product configuration, inquiries for samples and offers and cross referencing. There are now lots of interesting facts and information about products for reading or downloading. The log-in area also offers 3D data. Information is available on our website at
Phoenix Mecano AG, the parent company, operates worldwide as a technology company and is present on all international growth markets. With its three enclosure technology, mechanical components and ELCOM / EMS divisions, it is the leading company in many markets. The important areas of application include mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, electrical engineering, automotive and railway technology, energy technology, medical technology, aerospace technology and home and hospital care.