PTR Hartmann

PTR is taking over the business operations of HARTU and is changing its name

As of January 1, 2018, PTR is taking over the HARTU brand name and continuing its strategy of expansion. The HARTU brand offers customer-specific inductivities such as PFC chokes, switched-mode power supplies, transformers or common mode chokes. Since 1985 HARTU is known as a brand name of the Götz Udo Hartmann company. In order to demonstrate the importance of the acquisition and also to take account of the long tradition enjoyed by the HARTU brand, on the same day the PTR Messtechnik GmbH company has renamed itself PTR HARTMANN GmbH. PTR’s and HARTU’s products complement each other, and the resulting marketing and logistical synergies mean that in future the customers’ requirements of HARTU and PTR can be even better met.

PTR HARTMANN GmbH is part of the Phoenix Mecano group and operates in the ELCOM / EMS division.

The Phoenix Mecano group operates globally and is represented on international growth markets. With its three enclosures technology, mechanical components and ELCOM / EMS divisions, it is the leading company in many markets. The important areas of application include mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, electrical engineering, automotive and railway technology, energy technology, medical technology, aerospace technology and home and hospital care.