PTR Hartmann

Push-in PCB multiple connector AKZ4961 with wider spacing

PTR HARTMANN is well-known for its AK(Z)4951 / AKZ4961 push-in range of PCB multiple connectors, which save time during the wiring process. These connectors, with their striking design and grey-red combination of colours, have now been joined by an additional spacing: 7.62 mm.

Consequently, in addition to its currently available PCB multiple connectors AK4951 with 5.0 mm spacing, and AKZ4951 with 5.08 mm spacing for 250 V and 12 A, PTR HARTMANN GmbH now offers type AKZ4961 with 7.62 mm spacing for 400 V and 12 A.

In addition to the versions in basalt grey, PCB multiple connectors AK(Z)4951 / AKZ4961 and the matching pin strips in the STL(Z)950 range are supplied in light-green and green, with other colours available on request, and also with a flange. Of course, there is a test point at every pole, and individual printing is an option. The ergonomic design of the handle recesses allows easy removal of the connectors from the pin strip.

Push-in PCB multiple connector AKZ4961