PTR Hartmann

AK136 series PCB Multi-Connector for safety applications

With the AK136 series, PTR HARTMANN GmbH offers a PCB multi-connector with 5.0 mm spacing which can be inserted from above – this makes it especially suitable for installation in housings.

The locking guides on the underside allow the AK136 to be fixed in the housing base, and the matching STL136 pin strip is fitted on the PCB in the upper housing part. In safety applications, this allows the power supply to the device to be interrupted when the housing cover is opened.

With its wire protection system, the AK136 clamps solid wires up to 2.5 mm², and stranded wires, with or without a ferrule, up to 1.5 mm². In the standard version (wave soldering), the STL136 pin strip is available as a high temperature variant for THR solutions (as PU and Tape-on-Reel) and also as an SMD variant, Tape-on-Reel, in different pin lengths.