PTR Hartmann

Design Kit INS265

Rail housing configure individually

In the case of devices for the DIN rail, creating a special DIN rail housing is often not a worthwhile option. Also, standard DIN rail housings are often unnecessarily wide because a separate PCB terminal block or a pin strip for the PCB connection must be used in the housing.

PTR HARTMANN’s new DIN rail housings have a standard width of 6.2 mm. The use of different housing covers allows the production of housing widths up to 15.0 mm. Up to 6 push-in wire connections in one housing are possible. The PCBs can be assembled as required by the customer, inserted into the housing and then soldered to the pre-fitted contact positions. In places where no connection points are required, blind plugs can be fitted.

Housing options

  • Separating knives
  • LED prisms
  • Earthing foot
  • Actuators for slide switches
  • Universal opening for e. g. USB-C connector
  • Opening for DH2 (10 and/or 16 addresses)
  • Openings in the side walls
  • Laser marking on the wire insertion points and/or side walls
  • Different colours


  • Insulated bridges
  • Labelling clips in various colours

With the new Design Kit INS265 for DIN rail housings, PTR HARTMANN offers a flexible and individual solution for DIN rail devices. The push-in connections provide fast, easy assembly.