PTR Hartmann

secure connection - Interface Pin Blocks

Test Probes as PCB Components

In contrast to a standard PCB multi-connector, when used as a connecting element the Interface Pin Block has the advantage of being more flexible in use. There are many possible applications, starting with board-to-board contacting, directly on the PCB, to hand-held devices as a charging contact, and up to battery chargers for high-quality laptops, smartphones, e-bikes/pedelecs, and a large number of additional applications - battery probes and also spring-loaded pogo pin-type contacts are used in all situations to transmit battery charging currents, but also to transmit signals.

The contacts in the plastic block are extremely suitable for compensating height differences, and provide a great tolerance range for the contacting of the counter-contact.
For example, the Interface Pin Blocks provide greater positioning tolerance, and compensate installation tolerances between the components to be connected.

In addition to the SMD variants, PTR HARTMANN also offers THR and soldering versions. These provide plenty of scope for individual designs and applications.