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Phoenix Mecano AG

The Group Phoenix Mecano is a global player in the enclosures and industrial components segments, has a streamlined operating structure and is a leader in many markets. Geared towards the professional and cost-effective manufacture of niche products, it helps to ensure the smooth operation of processes and connections in the machine industry and industrial electronics. Its products are used in the mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, alternative energy, medical technology, aerospace technology and home and hospital care sectors, amongst others. 


Phoenix Mecano enclosures protect all types of electronic and electrical equipment, offering exactly the kind of protection the customer requires. 

Areas of application include plant engineering, railway, automotive and medical technology and offshore oil platforms. In addition to enclosures, Phoenix Mecano also supplies input units such as membrane keyboards and keypads, short-stroke keys, capacitive buttons and touchscreens. 


The ELCOM/EMS division’s products are used wherever electrical energy flows, whether it be high, medium or low voltage, alternating or direct current.

They can be found in all industrial sectors, from medical technology, astrophysics and aerospace, to power distribution networks, switchgear and renewable energy.

Mechanical Components 

This division’s wide range of linear actuators, electric cylinders and lifting columns are deployed in industry, workstation installation and the home and hospital care sector.

Its profile assembly systems can be used to assemble peripheral production systems right through to entire production lines.