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Quality Policy

Our company commits itself to the development, implementation, maintenance, advancement and continual improvement of a process-oriented quality management system including the interactions between the processes required to meet the company’s relevant and normative requirements (ISO9001:2015).
Our company ensures that the quality policy and the specified quality targets are coordinated with the context and strategic orientation of the company, and that the needs of the interested parties are taken into account.

In setting our goals, we commit ourselves to undertaking continual improvement. Every employee is responsible for implementing this policy in his or her area of responsibility. The quality policy is publicly accessible for everybody (interested parties) and is communicated by the persons and organisations assigned by the company.

Continual improvement
We see it as both a duty and a challenge to question everything which currently exists and by means of continual improvement to develop future-oriented solutions to our tasks and duties. Our goal is to achieve continual improvement to the quality and competitiveness of the products which we offer.

Customer satisfaction
Our customers are our partners. They decide on the success and continued existence of our company. Our aim is to recognise at an early stage the wishes and future tasks of our customers – and to provide solutions which they can rely on.

Our ideas, skills and knowledge create new products and ensure our future. They are how we solve our customers’ problems and meet their requirements and expectations. In our opinion, the changes to the market result in a chance for more growth in order to put our profits and abilities in the service of the development and provision of innovative products, services and solutions which meet the emerging requirements of our customers.

Leadership competence
Our intention is to ensure that quality management undergoes continual adaptation and improvement in new circumstances and situations. It is from our quality policy that the company and process targets are derived in order to encourage the management to take on responsibility for the joint achievement of our quality goals and to identify itself with our fundamental values.

Zero-defect philosophy
To us, problems and recognised faults and defects are opportunities for innovations and improvements. Every employee has the obligation and right to play his or her part in recognising faults and eliminating them, to produce perfect quality, and to prevent or reduce environmental impacts. The most important thing is to prevent faults, not to discover them later.

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