PTR Hartmann

Chokes with different core materials

PTR HARTMANN supplies chokes based on our in-house manufactured iron powder and all standard core materials. They are suitable for use in a very wide range of applications in which for example high power density and a stray field resistant design are indispensable.

PTR HARTMANN’s iron powder-based chokes in accordance with DIN EN 60938-2 are manufactured and developed as toroidal, pot / cup cores and as E-/EF-core versions. Depending on the design, these inductors can be used in a range of a few Watts up to a double-digit kilowatt range.

Types of chokes:

  • Storage chokes
  • Pot / cup chokes

Examples of storage chokes can be found in the table below.

PTR HARTMANN manufactures pot chokes in different diameters – 60.0 mm and 80.0 mm – and with a very wide choice of connections. A central mounting hole for screw fitting ensures the functionality and versatility of our chokes.

Special designs can be manufactured in accordance with the customer’s application and requests.

For applications in which iron powder cores can no longer be used because of a high switch frequency, we use the other materials which are available on the market.
All the materials used are UL-certified. On request, an assembly with our OBJY2 class B (130 °C) or class F (155 °C) UL insulation system is possible. An elastic epoxy paint is available as core insulation for toroidal chokes and is suitable for direct wire contact in accordance with UL 508c. The ring core insulation is tested to 1.5 kV dielectric strength.