PTR Hartmann

Common Mode Chokes

The high level of integration involved in modern electronic circuits requires special attention to the compliance with the prescribed limits for high frequency interference. Such interference derives from permanent high-frequency signals with frequency components higher than 10 kHz. Sources for such signals include electric motors, circuits with triacs or thyristors, switching transistors or other potential sources of HF interference.

To cover the large number of possible applications, PTR HARTMANN offer a variety of common mode chokes conforming to DIN EN 60938-2.

  • We provide common mode chokes in toroid design ideally suited for the effective suppression of asymmetrical interference. Core materials are used that guarantee a sufficient suppressive effect even in the upper frequency range. The moulded core design also has good damping properties for symmetrical interference. Our E-core common mode chokes built on multi-chamber bobbins are preferably delivered in vertical design.
  • Particularly compact-designed common mode chokes are available on nanocrystalline toroidal cores.
  • When combined with appropriate capacitors, users are provided with the opportunity of effectively controlling the entire spectrum of network-related interference.

All materials used are UL tested. If desired, an assembly using our UL insulation system OBJY2 class B (130 °C) or class F (155 °C) is possible.