PTR Hartmann

Common Mode Chokes

The high level of integration of modern electronic circuits means that special attention must be paid to the observance of the required limit values for high-frequency interference signals. The sources of such interference are permanently high-frequency signals with frequency components greater than 10 kHz. These take the form, among others, of electric motors, TRIAC or thyristor circuitry, switching transistors and other potential high-frequency sources.

In order to deal with the great number of possible applications, PTR HARTMANN provides a wide range of common-mode chokes in accordance with DIN EN 60938-2.

  • A very wide selection of common-mode chokes which are ideal for effective symmetrical interference suppression. All standard core materials are used which guarantee sufficient suppression even in the high frequency range.
  • Common-mode chokes in compact designs on the basis of nano-crystalline toroidal cores. The advantage of such nano-crystalline cores lies in the wider attenuation range in which interference can be efficiently suppressed with mostly somewhat lower maximum attenuation.
  • Common-mode chokes in a very wide range of designs and sizes which, if the customer requests, can also be supplied as three-phase. The connection options range from soldered connections to crimping, or in the case of moulded components to flexible connection leads directly from the housing / moulding.

All the materials used are UL-tested. On request, an assembly with our OBJY2 class B (130 °C) or class F (155 °C) UL insulation system is possible.
Core diameters of up to approx. 160.0 mm are possible for customer-specific solutions.