PTR Hartmann

PFC Chokes

Electronic devices such as switched power supplies, welding equipment, electronic ballasts and motor controls are exposed to short current pulses or sinusoidal waveforms from the mains. The large number of these devices will burden the mains network unless suitable measures are taken. Regulations for limiting the harmonic content of the mains current are necessary to solve this problem. Higher performance devices may, in most cases, only meet legal requirements by means of an active PFC circuit.

PTR HARTMANN offers converter chokes ideally suited for energy storage in PFC circuits implemented in accordance with DIN EN 61000-3-2. These chokes are components wound for low capacitance around metal powder cores. This makes it possible to obtain good EMC behaviours. Metal powder materials are characterised by a low stray field and high saturation currents. A wide range of low-cost core materials is available. Any selection will be based on criteria such as loss behaviour, DC bias and frequency spectrum.

All materials used are UL tested. If desired, an assembly using our UL insulation system OBJY2 class B (130 °C) or class F (155 °C) is possible.