PTR Hartmann

PFC Chokes

PTR HARTMANN supplies converter chokes which are ideal for energy storage in PFC circuits in accordance with DIN EN 61000-3-2.

These chokes are low capacitance components wound on metal powder cores, and this provides good EMC performance. Metal powder materials stand out thanks to their low stray field and high saturation currents. A wide range of low-cost core materials is available. The cores used are toroidal cores, PQ cores and also a range of E-core types. The selection is based on such criteria as loss behaviour, DC bias and frequency spectrum. The switch frequencies of the PFC switching can be between 20 kHz and several hundred kHz – developed and optimised to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Almost all PFC chokes can be supplied as horizontal or vertical variants. For many cores, housings are available which can also be moulded.
All the materials used are UL-tested. On request, an assembly with our OBJY2 class B (130 °C) or class F (155 °C) UL insulation system is possible.