PTR Hartmann

Lift type

The most popular and proven technology for connections which must often be removed consists of PCB Terminal Blocks with a lift design which allows the clamp to move parallel to the solder tag during the screwing process.

This ensures that it is easy to detach and restore the electrical contact. It also ensures secure fastening in the clamping area of solid or stranded conductors with a wide range of wire sizes. The wire is clamped between the clamp and the solder tag, so even the smallest wires fit tightly in the connection area. The lateral grooves in the connection area provide excellent tear strength and ensure penetration of the wire’s oxidation layer when the screw is tightened. This creates a secure, gas-tight electrical connection.

This connection mechanism is used for industrial applications when it is necessary to connect and disconnect conductors frequently, but at the same time to ensure a reliable electrical contact. 

Lift Type