PTR Hartmann

PCB Terminal Blocks

PCB Terminal Blocks are divided into two groups: a) Screw Terminal Blocks, and b) Spring Terminal Blocks. Three connection types are available for the screw terminal blocks: the Wire Guard Type, the Lift Type, and the Excenter Type.

Normally, screw terminal blocks are manufactured either as Modular Constructions, as Two-Pole and Three-Pole Terminals, and can be flexibly connected to each other to make larger terminals by means of the so-called dovetail connection. Individual series are also available in Blocks. Screw terminal blocks using the different connection designs are available with spacing from 2.54 mm to 15.24 mm, metric or inch, and in various colours.

The group of Spring Terminal Blocks is divided into PCB Terminal Blocks using the Push-In Design (leg spring technology) and the Tension Spring Design. Spring terminal blocks are normally manufactured in layers which can be combined to create the required number of poles. In addition, different colours can be combined within a PCB Terminal Block.

Spring terminal blocks using both connection types are available with spacing from 2.54 mm to 11.5 mm, metric or inches.

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