PTR Hartmann


With PCB Multi-Connectors, plugging a PCB Terminal Block into the wrong pin strip will immediately result in a malfunction or even in destruction of the entire circuit board. This is why PTR has a very wide range of coding solutions for many of its PCB Multi-connectors.

The "-CP" coding pin's coding uses holes in the circuit board, and when they are correctly inserted, the terminal block coding pins fit into these holes.

Product Example AK1350/..DS-3.5-GREY-CP

Protection against incorrect plugging is possible in two ways using coding stars (CS accessory): if both connector parts - PCB Terminal Block and pin strip - are coded, a coded pole in the PCB Terminal Block must mate with an uncoded pole on the pin strip so that the terminal can be inserted.
(Product Example: AKZ950/..-5.08-GREEN / STLZ950/..-5.08-V-GREEN with Codingstar CS2-5.0/5.08-RED)

If a pole on the pin strip is coded, it must fit into a terminal block pole whose coding nose has been removed so that the terminal can be connected.

Product Example

AKZ950/..-5.08-GREEN with Coding Star CS1-5.0/5.08-RED / STLZ950/..-5.08-V-GREEN with Codingstar CS2-5.0/5.08-RED