PTR Hartmann

Chokes with different core materials

When powdered-iron materials are used for interference suppression, the pronounced amplitude permeability and the high saturation induction apply in the alternating field level control of the powdered iron. The permeability rises in parallel to the AC field intensity and achieves at the working point a higher effective inductive component than in no-load operation. Chokes with powdered-iron cores are, therefore, particularly suitable for the damping of symmetrical and asymmetrical interference voltages in power supply lines, and especially suitable for commutation inductors, current limiter and filter reactors.

The low quality of the material achieves good damping of overshoot, as is required in applications involving dimmer chokes, filter chokes and commutation inductors.
Thanks to the low loss of permeability in DC applications, the powdered material can also be used in storage chokes. The operating frequency and the maximum alternating field component in the effective signal is decisive for the correct selection of the application-optimised core material.

Our powder-based chokes indicate in the core material only a slight dependency on the inductive component of the DC magnetic bias even in simultaneous utilisability of high saturation induction.