PTR Hartmann

PFC Cokes for use in active reactive power compensation circuit

Electronic devices such as switch-mode power supplies, welding equipment, electronic ballasts for lighting equipment and electronic motor control units obtain short current pulses or non-sinusoidal current flow patterns from the mains. A large number of these devices would cause a burden on the supply mains. Rules concerning the limitation of the harmonic content of the power supply are necessary in order to solve this problem. In higher-output devices, these legal requirements can only be implemented by means of an active PFC circuit.

  1. Core materials
    - Toroidal
    - PQ cores
    - Various E-core variants
  2. Technical Data
    - Inductance: ca. 20.0 ... 3.000 µH
    - Current:       ca. 0.3 ... 30.0 A
    - Power:    ca. 50.0 ... 5.000 W
  3. Functional principle
    An additional boost controller is installed upstream the actual power supply. This converter provides a sinusoidal current flow pattern on the power supply input. Step-up converters are actuated in discontinuous mode in the lower 75.0 to 150.0 W sector. At higher outputs, the step-up converter technology is set to continuous mode.
PFC Chokes