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Integrated Connection Technology

The look of many assemblies and product lines is often determined by the shape and appearance of the included terminal blocks’ housing. In order to be able to implement products which match customers’ individual needs, the connection technology must be integrated in the plastic enclosure of the appropriate assembly. Using this integrated connection technology, the design of the assembly / product line is no longer depending on the form and shape of any terminal block. The newly-developed integrated connection technology is available in the screw technology and the time-saving Push-In technology. The fast and secure contact to the PCB is realized by easy push-on contact/clamps. This solder-free PCB contact removes the need for costly, errorprone soldering or an expensive soldering robot.

The integrated connection technology fulfils three functions:

  • Connection for solid and stranded wires
  • Solder-free PCB contacting
  • If required, connecting point for a cross connector

All these functions are concentrated on a single continuous metal part, and this system provides considerable advantages for the contact resistances and mechanical reliability. Such a highly functional and space-saving contact technology creates a standard solution for a very wide range of assemblies and enclosure designs. Complete interface systems with integrated connection technology are available as follows: Assemblies INS250, INS260 and INM260 in widths 6.2 mm and 17.5 mm, with 5-12 pole integrated connection technology.

These interface systems stand out because of their compact form coupled with a modern, functional design. On request, we can supply individual integrated connection technology solutions and interface technology, e.g. contacting technologies or specific electrical requirements. The wide range of services, coupled with costsaving, solder-free PCB contacting, allows more efficient solutions than is possible with traditional wire connection technologies. Both ergonomic and functional this integrated connection technology represents a major improvement for both the product developer and the user.


The products of series INS250, INS260 and INM260 are designed to be assembled and produced by PTR HARTMANN.
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