PTR Hartmann

Electromechanical Switches

Concerning technically complex electromechanical switches, there are many terms and requirements that need explanation and should be followed.

For rotary code switches, an overview of the available codes and the soldering profiles to be used are particularly interesting.

Rotary code switches are mainly used to set device parameters or to set addresses in bus systems or industrial networks. The animation explains how rotary code switches work. Information on the dimensions of the Tape&Reel packaging and the number of rotary code switches in the reels can be found in the packaging information.

Micro switches are mostly used as limit switches for drives in the industrial sector or for position detection. Therefore, there are important instructions regarding assembly and fitting. You will find useful definitions on positions and forces, as well as other terms relating to micro switches, as well as tables of travel and forces on the actuators for download.

With LED-elements, which are mostly used in device front panels, luminous intensity and dominant wavelength are decisive criteria for selection. These result from the technical characteristics of the different LED quality levels. Tables for these LED parameters for our LED-elements can be found at LED-Quality.