PTR Hartmann

Assembly | Fitting

Snap action switches are only to be mounted by skilled personnel.

For screw-mounting a clean and even assembly surface must be provided. Screws must correspond to the established standards, e.g. DIN EN ISO 1580 or DIN EN ISO 4762.

It must be ensured, that required clearances and creepages are kept.

The actuator in its free position must not be subject to any prestress. Operation can be effected vertically or in angular direction. The angle however should be max. 30° referring to the switch surface and should be determined by testing. The switch housing must not be used as mechanical stopper. Any kind of impact operation on the switch has to be avoided.

For a solder connection the usual solder processes in electric industry (e.g. iron and wave soldering) are to be applied. Overheating of the switch during soldering process must be avoided. Force must not be transmitted to the connection pins.

When mounting the switch onto a conductive surface it has to be assured that the requirements to prevent touching as well as creepage and clearance distances according to DIN EN61058-1 are met.