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Test Probes - Applications | Portfolio

Test Probes are used in the manufacture of electronic products to test PCBs. When fitted in test adapters, they carry out in-circuit tests and function tests. The aim is to optimize production by raising quality and reducing costs, factors which are caused by faulty components.

The test probe also plays an important part in the automotive industry, where it is used in test modules for testing connectors in cable harnesses. This means that the test probe is an important link in meeting the high quality standards found in automobile manufacture.

The following are our application portfolio.

Test Probes for Center of 30 mil (0.76 mm)

Standard Test Probes

ICT Test Probes

Flying Probes

Test Probes with Tread | Step Probes

High - Frequency Test Probes

Twist Proof Test Probes

Switching Test Probes

Push-Back Test Probes

High-Current Test Probes

Pneumatic Test Probes

Battery Probes

Coaxial Test Probes