PTR Hartmann

Non-Rotating Test Probes

Non-rotating test probes are always used for the precisely-positioned contact-creation of a connector barrel. This is normally the case in the testing of flat connectors, as used for example in fuse holders. Contacting then takes place with rectangular so-called spade-shaped tip styles. Two construction principles are mainly used in order to fix the test probe in position. The purpose of these principles is to create a compulsory guide for the plunger in the test probe barrel.

In the simple design, the plunger is guided in the barrel by means of a bolt-groove system. The test probe must be inserted into the receptacle in exactly the right position. If maintenance is needed, the newly-placed test probe must be repositioned.

It is easier to carry out the procedure with a plunger whose end is flattened and has a guide slot at the end of the receptacle. With this principle, the receptacle is placed in position only once. For every new assembly, the test probe is then always returned to the same position via the guide slot of the receptacle.

Non Rotating Test Probes