PTR Hartmann

Push-Back Test Probes - twist proof

Push-back test probes are used for the contacting of connectors when a “catch test” is necessary.

In this case, a defined force is applied to the stop parts in order to check correct seating inside the connector or to check that the connector is locked in position. All types are designed as switching test probes. Stop parts which are not locked in position are pushed out by the pressure from the connector, and the push-back test probe does not switch or give a signal.

Push-back test probes are available for centers of 4.0 mm and 2.54 mm and with contact pressures of up to 25 N. Series 5104, 5265 and 3028.01 are especially effective for these uses. Their modular design gives them a wide range of applications. Of course, solder-free replacement of the test probes is an integral part of the easy-replacement system.

Push-Back Test Probes