PTR Hartmann

Component Check with Switching Test Probe

As a rule, PTR HARTMANN switching test probes operate on the "closer principle". Switching test probes can be seen as "axial micro-switches" which, according to a defined switching travel, create an electrically conducting connection between the inner and outer conductor of the switching test probe.

In addition to a large number of metal probe heads, PTR HARTMANN also offers versions with insulated probe heads. These can be supplied as a full-plastic probe head and, for improved wear resistance, as a metal probe head insulated against the plunger. PTR HARTMANN also offers a so-called "neutral switching test probe" in the version with a plastic probe head and hard-wearing protective metal ring.


  • check on presence of components or connectors, principally for the cable test, e.g. to check secondary locking
  • potential-free contacting by means of the above-mentioned insulating head versions
  • the installation height on special screwed versions is variably height-adjustable by 5.0 mm.
Component check with switching test probe