PTR Hartmann

Quality and Operating Life

When in use, test probes are subjected to high demands in respect of function and operating life. From development to dispatch, the manufacture of PTR HARTMANN Test Probes takes place in accordance with optimised procedures. A quality assurance system according to EN 29001/DIN ISO 9001 guarantees process security.

Tests are carried out by means of load change tests in order to optimise materials and the constructional design of test probes. Functional capability and operating life are subjected to continuous monitoring in our reliability testing facilities.

As a rule, the maximum operating life of a test probe depends on the following factors:

  • As low a spring force as possible in relation to the spring diameter and stroke travel
  • Correct axial load, avoidance of shear forces
  • Maintenance of the recommended working travel
  • Precise and gentle insertion of the test probe into the receptacle
  • Avoidance of harmful external influences e.g. soiling, high moisture content of aggressive media, high temperature load
  • Contacting only in current-free or zero-potential state 
    as low a current load as possible

Of course, the level of actual useful life also depends on the requirements of each user, e.g. limit values for continuity resistances, degree of soiling, or operating characteristics.