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Test point accuracy

The test point accuracy which can be achieved is determined by the tolerances in the adapter (play, displacement of the receptacle drill holes), the deviations of the test points and the lateral play of a fitted spring contact probe. This occurs as a result of the play between the plunger and barrel required for the plunger movement and also of manufacturing tolerances. The amount of lateral play at the plunger tip is also dependent on the length of the plunger in relation to the effective plunger guide length.

Shear forces which deflect the spring contact probe during use also affect the amount of lateral play.

Optimal pinpointing is achieved by a combination of spring contact probes with the shortest possible travel, double plunger guides and minimal adapter tolerance, or even the use of plate guides. Depending on the test probe series which is being used, the test point accuracy – which is dependent on the amount of lateral play – can be reduced to less than 0.8 mm and down to 0.1 mm.

Cable test
Specially for the cable test, PTR HARTMANN offers a wide range of switching test probes, threaded test probes and push-back test probes with a large number of different tip styles and dimensions.

Test Point Accuracy
Test Point Accuracy